jQuery in XPages #1 – Highcharts – How does it work?


This how does it work article is a follow on from the original jQuery in XPages #1 – Highcharts and goes into depth as to how the functionality was created and how you can modify it yourself.

Be fore-warned this is quite dry and not for the faint of heart, but hopefully will provide a good insight and understanding.

How does this work?

This Highchart demonstration is made up of the following design elements

  • XPage
    • xFruit (the container XPage)
  • Custom Controls (where all the hard work is done)
  • Theme
    • Highchart (extends oneuiv2)
  • View
    • Fruit (data source for the viewPanel)
  • Form
    • Fruit (data container)
  • JavaScript Library
    • jsformFruit

To avoid making this article long(er than it already is) I am going to focus just on the drawHighchart custom control and the Highchart…

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3 thoughts on “jQuery in XPages #1 – Highcharts – How does it work?

  1. Rather annoying that WordPress published this as of “Sunday” which means is doesn’t appear in the PlanetLotus.org blogroll……

    need to figure out what happened to avoid it for the future….

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