Got my laptop back – Productivity tool time…

So I got my freshly imaged laptop back after having contracted a virus/trojan last weekend…..and I am in the unenviable process of re-installing everything I use. So i figured I would document them, as much for myself as anything else… here we go

Lotus Notes

Designer 8.5.3 (standard is only 8.5.2 client)

  • Change homepage to workspace (old school)

OpenNTF extension library

OpenNTF jQuery extension

OSGI console plugin for client

Teamstudio configurator

General Productivity Tools

Google Chrome (Which synced all my installed plugins, bookmarks and skin – SO happy)

  • Google Calendar
  • URL shortener
  • Google reader
  • WordPress
  • TweetDeck
  • IE Tab (if i MUST use IE it may as well have a nice wrapper)

Dropbox (Store all my personal stuff)

Logitech Gaming Keyboard drivers (keyboard freak)

7-Zip (Better than windows Zip as it will handle files >2G)

Notepad++ (notepad on steriods)

Snagit 11 (Screen capture)

StrokeIt (mouse gestured)

PDFCreator (PDF printer)

Web Development Tools

FireFox (DUH)

  • Firebug (If I have to explain this, you really need to go look)
  • HTTPFox (HTTP Traffic sniffer)

Things to install later (when I need them)

Skype (chat)

Wireshark (Packet sniffer)

I will update later if anything else occurs to me but that seems to do it for now

All installed and up and running again within 60 minutes

9 thoughts on “Got my laptop back – Productivity tool time…

    • Adrian – I tried something like that a few years ago and instability and the affect on XP as a whole turned me off – how stable is this?

  1. Not sure what you mean, totcmd has never been unstable. Its the best tool for managing (finding/compacting/reading/comparing etc) files using you keyboard.
    It is even more useful now with all these textfiles when coding xpages. like .java, .properties, .log etc.

    • Sorry didn’t mean tcm was unstable…a similar product was and for the life of me i can’t remember what it was called.

      I will check TCM out thanks 🙂

      • np. There are probably other good explorer replacement if you are running windows. I am just used to totcmd and it is so easy when you know all the commands.

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