Text formatting power

I am working on a demonstration database for doing field editing via the web (more to come later) and I needed a list of random data for my example. I got some Super hero data from a website but the formatting was not good…

Sample Super Hero Data

Many Many records of varying length/number of power parameters. I need to get them all on a single line if I have any chance of importing them into Notes.

Over to my least favorite text tool – favorite text formatting tool – MS Word….

If you didn’t know you can manage New Lines (^p), Tabs (^t) and all sorts of other hidden characters very easily in Word.

So we replace all NewLines followed by a comma, with just a comma

Text replacing in MS Word
Text replacing in MS Word

And there we go simple as that

Formatted Text
Formatted Text


Now imagine you wanted to create a string out of that in LotusScipt – I don’t know why you would but hopefully you can make an analogy to something to would need to do

I want to turn

Professor X,Telepathy,Extra-sensory perception,Eidetic memory


Print {Professor X,Telepathy,Extra-sensory perception,Eidetic memory}


Take the New Line (^p) and add a } before it, ending the row and then immediately after it on the next line insert Print { before the text

Converting to Lotus Script
Converting to Lotus Script format

which creates something we can copy and paste into the Lotus Script editor without causing errors

Final Lotus Script
Final Lotus Script


– Productive

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