Kindle fire dead – or is it

So my 12yr old who got his Kindle Fire for his birthday (2 weeks ago) comes downstairs with the worst look of horror/guilt on his face last night telling me that his Kindle is dead and he is “SO SO SO SO sorry” and “I didn’t do it” – “I just put it down when I came down for dinner and now it doesn’t work” etc etc

And he was right – the power button was unresponsive – there was no crack on the screen or anything like that, no signs that he’d been stupid with it – so I was resigned to finding my Best buy receipt and we’d be taking it back….

Just in case, I figured I would check out the Amazon Help files – which turn out to be (unsurprisingly) very good –  Trouble Shooting Your Kindle Fire

Went to the Power Issues section and the recommendation was to do a hard reset – Hold down the power button for 20 seconds and try again…..

And it CAME ON (*bells and fanfares*)

So I have a very thankful child who seriously believes I am an IT god and I am happy for him to continue to believe that. This hard reset actually seems to be the recommendation for a number of issues and makes me wonder if they know something about it hard crashing…..meh I digress

The moral of this story is read the help – it really can !

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