Chaining jQuery – it’s a beautiful thing

A very cool feature of jQuery is the fact that most of the methods returns a jQuery object that you can then use to call another method. {link}

This also increases performance because you do not have to re-select the objects each time.

I am working a form validation model and I want to copy a field and all its attributes into a dialog box to present to the user and have them correct it “in their face” so to speak.

So I want to:

  • Clone the field (generic passed in as JSON string)
  • Append it to the contentFieldset
  • Rename the field id to make sure there is no conflict
  • With the minimum amount of code/effort, while maintaining maximum readability
msg = '{"fieldname": "First_Name", "error": "Enter a First Name"}'
var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(msg);
$("#"+obj.fieldname).clone().appendTo("#contentFieldset").attr("id", "validate_"+obj.fieldname);

And that created the field along with the text which was already entered

<fieldset id=”contentFieldset”>
<input id=”validate_First_Name” size=”25″ value=”Marky Entered this” name=”DEP_FNAME”>

Productive !

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