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MWLUG 2015: Websockets session video and slide deck

Posted by MarkyRoden on August 26, 2015

The following presentation was given at MWLUG 2015 in Atlanta Georgia. If you have any questions please let me know :)

This was very kindly recorded by my good friend David Navarre and rendering it to youtube did not apparently help his insomnia. Not sure what to read into that :)

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Thank you Richard, et al for MWLUG 2015

Posted by MarkyRoden on August 25, 2015

Last week I attended MWLUG 2015 in sweaty Atlanta, GA and had a great time. I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Richard Moy, Lisa and Darren Duke, Ray, Tony, Ulrich and everyone who contributed to a great conference. There is a significant amount of effort which goes into the conference as Richard explains. What people also do not appreciate is that Richard is personally in the hole for the conference costs unless the conference is a success. I don’t think there are many of us who would be able to do that, let alone have the balls to do it.


My personal highlights:

  • Speaking with Ryan Baxter on Bluemix and XPages. Being able to show a drone being controlled from an XPage (and it works in XPiNC as well) was and probably always will be, the coolest XPages demo ever :)
  • Seeing two new speakers who I have encouraged in the past (Shean and Steve Z) actually take up the challenge, do it really well, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. New Addicts are born.
  • Shean McManus proudly announcing that he is moving jobs to start working at PSC
  • Drinking beer at a session for the first time ever – yes seriously the first time ever –  (thanks Eric and ultimately Rob Novak)
  • Meeting Csaba finally. I was very touched that he said to me that the reason he came to the conference was to listen to me speak. That’s really cool and very humbling!!
  • Meehans, how convenient and a fantastic way to encourage dialog
  • Pete Janzen, for so many things which brought a smile to my face :)
  • Spending time with Kathy, Brad, Eric, Steve, Richard and everyone else involved at the conference
  • and everything else I forgot……

thank you all :)


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The coolest XPages demo ever – revealed

Posted by MarkyRoden on August 20, 2015


During the AD105 presentation at MWLUG this afternoon, Ryan Baxter and I demonstrated how you can use an XPages application to control a Drone.

We were able to make it take off, take a picture and then land, all from an XPage application interface.



For more on how this works check out Ryan’s Video :)

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PSC a year later: A new role and having so much fun

Posted by MarkyRoden on August 10, 2015

So just over a year ago I got a promotion at PSC and they asked me to go from being a remote worker to working out of the main office. It made sense for both of us and allowed me to learn more about the business, above and beyond developing/managing the projects I already had.

My wife and I moved the family to Schaumburg IL, from Northern Virginia. Everyone said Chicago was a wonderful place and #$!*in’ cold in the winter. They were right.

So another year on and my role has changed again, I am now a Principal Architect at PSC and the chair for the new Technical Committee. My role is designed to allow me and PSC to grow technically, improve overall delivery, support new sales opportunities and starting looking to new technologies on the horizon. I honestly have the role I have always wanted, not just the job(s) I could do. I am really excited.

Over the past few months ago things have been hectic in the XPages team at PSC. As well as the new role I have also inherited a number of responsibilities around our IBM technologies, vacated by Andrew when he moved on to a new position. I have broadened my outlook on technical stack, created my first Azure node.js application, created a docker container for the first time and created my first Cloud Hybrid application. The list of things I want to play with got a lot longer……!

As of this week are the busiest we have ever been with 6 full time XPages developers working on exciting projects ranging from Domino / Google Drive integration to a Bootstrap-enabled XPiNC application enabling offline project management work in rural Africa.

Joining PSC was the best thing I have ever done for myself, professionally. Moving to Schaumburg a year ago was the right thing to do and the right time.

I am really excited………and having so much fun :)



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MWLUG 2015 – IBM Bluemix: Expand Your Horizons – Coolest demo ever !

Posted by MarkyRoden on August 4, 2015

In two weeks time Ryan Baxter and I will be taking the stage to talk about IBM Bluemix and how Domino/XPages developers have a whole new vista of opportunities open to this in IBM Bluemix.

I look forward to seeing many old friends and new faces there – please stick around to the end for what will hopefully be,

The coolest demonstration in the history of MWLUG


Thursday August 20th – 4:00pm AD105: IBM Bluemix: Expand Your Horizons


As a developer, you always need to add new tools to your developer tool belt.  Bluemix gives you many options to take what you already know and build upon it, allowing you to continuously reinvent yourself and your apps. Whether you are an XPages developer looking to leverage new technologies like Watson or Docker, or you want to start exploring new languages and frameworks like the MEAN stack, Bluemix has something to offer you.  Using the powerful deployment models and integration services in Bluemix, it is also easy to build solutions that combine the new with the old making it easy to build upon the work you have already done.  Expand your horizons, improve yourself and join us for a whirlwind tour of what Bluemix has to offer you!


Be there – or hear about it from your friends……….

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An introduction to creating applications in the Bluemix environment – now available

Posted by MarkyRoden on August 3, 2015


An introduction to creating applications in the Bluemix environment

If you missed our recent webcast, “An introduction to creating Domino applications in the Bluemix environment”, don’t worry – it’s now available on-demand. You can view both the video replay and presentation easily right from your desk.

Watch this webcast and learn how to:

  • Easily get Bluemix up and running and how to create you own XPages applications quickly
  • Integrate with the other services available within the Bluemix ecosystem
  • Maximize the new and exciting possibilities this integration opens up to the Domino community            


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Bluemix Monitoring and Analysis – Diagnostics version

Posted by MarkyRoden on July 21, 2015

In this article I will show how to utilize some aspects of the paid Bleumix Monitoring and Analysis service to look inside the performance of your applications.

State of shock

I am in a state of shock, as I am writing this post I actually broke my application, and used these very tools to figure out why……………..COOL !!!


The paid version of Bluemix monitoring and analysis costs $0.03 per application her hour – which equates to about $21 a month per app. Once you turn this on it starts charging – and this is completely outside of the 375GB/Hour free cost. In a week I racked up $5 in charges cos I went away for an extended weekend.



I hooked that up to my application and immediately started to see more information about it than the free package


Clicking on the Diagnose button gives me access to more information about my slowest requests


Click on one of the request name options then shows me more information about the response time of that item



So how did I break the application?

I am putting together a websockets demo for MWLUG and as part of looking at this monitoring service I started to refresh my website repeatedly, quickly in multiple browsers. This blew up the application and it crashed


Out of memory……weird – how come?

Well as I look at the monitoring tools I can clearly see that the baseline application with no one using it – was hovering over 100M


So clearly we need to add more memory


All this preaching about scaling and paying for what you need is all well and good until you actually see it happen. In less than 30 seconds I have more memory applied


and after a quick restart – we can see that we are now not pushing the limit of allocated memory


This is fantastic – because I plan to do a live demo of this application in a room full of people next month – there is a really good chance that this would have crashed when 30 people connected to it – and now there isn’t – and that is freaking awesome !!!!


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Marky and John on tour in D.C. next week: 2015-07-28

Posted by MarkyRoden on July 20, 2015

Next week on Tuesday (July 28th), John Head and I will be in the Maryland / D.C / Virginia area and we would love to talk to Domino/XPages/Modern Web Apps teams about their projects and plans for the future of the platform. This is not intended to be a “can you fix this code for me” kinda trip, but more of a strategic learning experience.

If anyone is interested in meeting up please ping me marky @ myblogname . com

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Bluemix Monitoring and Analytics – free service

Posted by MarkyRoden on July 19, 2015

In this article I will introduce the free IBM Bluemix Monitoring and Analytics service and show some of the available information.

Monitoring and Analytics

From the Bluemix Dashboard select one of your node applications and then “Add a new Service” – scroll down until you find the DevOps section and select Monitoring and Analysis.



There are two opens – Free and not Free, in this case we are going to select free.


Once added you have to restage the application




Once the application is restaged we can access the service from the dashboard – and initially there will be very little of interest/use.



But over time you will start to see information build up about how your application is performing within Bluemix. In this case I am using an example from http://pscportal.mybluemix.net – which if you click on the link you will find nothing – that is because I purposefully have nothing running on the root. What is fascinating is how the monitoring shows this and other interesting information.

Once you have added the service you can bind it to all your applications and it will monitor all of them separately.

Investigating a crash

Apparently the application crashed overnight



So I wondered what the monitoring said



Apparently the application went from zero CPU usage to DEAD right at 3:24am. But what is also really cool and apparent is that the application self healed and restarted itself – how freaking-cloud-cool is that !!


The application is never available – well that is as I would expect – the root has no node path responding to it. There are other routes within the application which work – but not that one.


Looking at the logs we can see that something happened but not much information as to what. I do not have any logging built into the application yet – but I will have to work on that.


Unfortunately the whole suite of monitoring is not available for XPages yet – I bound the service to my XPages application and all that was visible was he availability. This is still better than nothing.



The not free version


“You can use the Request Summary dashboard to identify the requests with the slowest response times and use the widgets to drill down and identify blockages. To open the Request Summary dashboard, open theMonitoring and Analytics service, click on the Performance tab and click Diagnose.”

Sounds interesting…….


Doing “DevOps” means constant monitoring of you application. The trick will be to take action based on the monitoring – we will see if we can do that and I will keep watching these logs over time to see what happens to the applications. Admittedly there are next to no users at all – but hey we will see.





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XPages in Bluemix – Pushing new changes via Bluemix git repository

Posted by MarkyRoden on July 15, 2015

In this article I will look at modifying the out of the box boilerplate application and starting to look at the tooling around the new XPages in Bluemix capability. I will specifically talk about the use of the Bluemix integrated git repository.


In the previous article I walked through the basic steps of creating the boilerplate XPages application in Bluemix. So let’s look at what we created and how we can mess with it :)

The Dashboard

Looking at the dashboard for our new boilerplate application we can start to see a number of items. On the top right there is an option to Add Git


Continuing will create a git repository within the Bluemix integrated jazz hub repository. Once complete you will see a link to the new repo


Clicking on the link will take you to the repo page


We can immediately see from this image that it is not quite what we normally expect from a “source control repo” for XPages development. The entire NSF is part of the repo……but let’s go with it.

Click on the “Git URL” link to get the URL for the repo


I use source tree for this part of the process – Clone New and use the URL for the repo – you will have to log into IBM as well


Once complete you will have the repo locally – it can then be opened in Domino Designer

h7 h8


As we have seen before – we have the to do boilerplate application – to which we can add a new simple XPage




You must be using the notes ID provided by bluemix for your notes applications.

Build and then close the application in designer

Within Sourcetree – we commit the changes in the master branch and push to repo



Once that is complete we can refresh the jazz hub repo page and see the committed change


When we created this repo in Bluemix, the automatic build and deploy tasks were created as well – so clicking on the “Build and Deploy” tab on the top right takes us the deploy page where we can see this in action


Once that is complete we can go over to our application http://hub.mybluemix.net/ToDo_design.nsf/marky.xsp and there it is



Using this method we are able to upload a new XPage into the application without using the built in tooling in OpenNTF release v13


I did have a build issue, don’t know why (experimental code) but clicking the redeploy button fixed it.

Don’t forget to build before you send to Bleumix (duh Marky)

I am not sure I recommend this manner of deploying an application to Bluemix via this method – I just wanted to see if it was possible.




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